Our Services

Mervin Winston, Ltd. offers an extensive line of assurance, accounting, business consulting and financial services designed to complement and add value to any organization. Our experts can help your business progress to the next level with business development, strategic planning, financial reporting and analysis.  We will help you understand management strategies, cost controls, systems evaluation, policy development as well as cash management planning.

We specialize in the following services (Click on links for more information):

Accounting and Assurance Services

When you hire a Mervin Winston, Ltd. accountant, you get more than just a bookkeeper. You get an experienced and knowledgeable professional who understands numbers, accounting rules and the business and government regulations surrounding them. Whether your business needs assistance on a large-scale project or help installing, understanding and using a basic accounting system or just a required assurance report we can assist you. You can depend on us for all of your audit, review, compilation, accounting and tax preparation needs.

  • Audit
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • Tax Planning and Preparation

Business Consultation Services
At Mervin Winston, Ltd. we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to all of our business consulting clients. We add financial and operational expertise to any business project. We are experienced working with large firms on projects requiring more time than their staff has available, and with smaller companies on projects requiring comprehensive knowledge and high-level skills that are beyond their employees’ scope.

CFO/Controller for Hire Service
Are you a small to medium-sized company that needs financial and operational expertise, but does not have the funds to hire a full-time CFO or Controller? Mervin Winston, Ltd. can help. We have the accounting, consulting, and executive management (including CFO) experience to strategically build your business from the inside out. The deliverables of our CFO for Hire service are different for each company because every business and growth strategy is unique. However, with our CFO for Hire team working for you, you will gain peace of mind from knowing your business is under the guidance of accomplished business management and growth experts.

Tribal Consulting Services
Over a decade ago, Mervin Winston Ltd. began working with Tribal Governments.  Since then, we have built business relationships with many tribes and forged strong bonds of professional trust and understanding.  Today, the Mervin Winston Team continues to provide an array of services to Tribal Governments and their business enterprises.