Who We Are
Mervin Winston, Ltd. is a CFO for Hire and Business Consulting Services firm that provides high-level financial and operational expertise to Twin Cities’ businesses. Our firm is comprised of a team of experienced and highly-skilled financial and operational experts. We have several CPAs, former CEOs and CFOs, along with specialized business consultants who work as a team to meet our clients’ business objectives.

What We Do
Our firm works strategically with small and medium sized business owners who have a desire to expand their business and to grow their profits.

Mervin Winston, Ltd. helps you organize, interpret, and understand the numbers that make up your business so that you have the financial and operational knowledge necessary to make smart, informed business decisions.

We provide three levels of business enhancing services: CFO for Hire, Business Consulting, and Accounting.

How We Can Help You
At Mervin Winston, Ltd., we make your numbers work for you, because you shouldn’t have to work for your numbers.

We begin by becoming very familiar with your business through an in-depth analysis of your financial and operational structures. We get your reporting system in order and develop plans to address the issues that came out of our analysis and to take advantage of opportunities that were revealed. Our interest is in making the appropriate adjustments to help you gain control of, and subsequently, to grow your business.

Grow Your Business
You can rely on Mervin Winston, Ltd. for all of your CFO, business consulting, and accounting services needs. We provide:

  • business and financial leadership
  • business development and strategic planning
  • executive and operational management consulting
  • financial reporting and analysis
  • cost and control systems evaluation
  • policy development and implementation
  • cash management planning
  • financial, compliance and operational auditing
  • tax planning and preparation