Mervin Winston, Ltd. has successfully helped a significant number of companies and businesses by listening to the numbers. We have had the privilege to help companies of all sizes, from newly formed small businesses to well-established multimillion-dollar corporations.

Here we share real world examples of clients who have benefited from our approach and expertise. For a more detailed description, simply click on the underlined words below.

CFO for Hire – Automobile Mechanical Repair Business
Mervin Winston, Ltd. helped a family-owned automobile mechanical repair business secure a long term capital-funder, improve monthly sales, produce updated financial reports, and turn around quarterly losses of $30,000 to quarterly profits of $30,000.

CFO for Hire – Collision Repair Business
When a husband and wife ownership team of a collision repair facility had a need to maximize their resources, Mervin Winston, Ltd. assisted the company in improving its bottom line and in getting control of their marketing and operations.

Executive and Operational Management Consulting – Native American Tribal Business
With the help of Mervin Winston, Ltd., the Tribal leaders and administrators of a Native American Tribe, with annual revenues of $100 million, more clearly understood and were able to communicate the economic impact to the county in which their enterprises are located.

Financial Analysis, Reporting, and Tax Planning – Law Firm
Operating on late financial reports and a lack of expense control, a $2.5 million law firm turned to Mervin Winston, Ltd. for help. Mervin Winston, Ltd. brought financial reporting current and assisted the firm in business valuation as well as a partnership compensation plan and agreement for new firm partners.

Cost and control Systems Evaluation – Midwest Gaming Operation
Mervin Winston, Ltd., assisted a $125 million gaming operation in improving involvement of middle management in completing the operation’s annual budgeting process as well as in reducing an upward expense trend in the budget.

Internal Control Systems Assessment – Native American Tribal Business
In helping a Native American Tribal business with annual revenues over $100 million better understand its overall business operation, Mervin Winston, Ltd., provided consultation to strengthen internal control systems, improve net income by more than 100%, and rein in out-of-control capital expenditure process.

Improved Margins – Construction Supply Company
Mervin Winston, Ltd., assisted a $2 million construction supply company facing untimely accounting and “out of control” discounting and sales allowance programs turn around its profit margin from a $150,000 loss to a $350,000 profit.

Financial Reporting and Analysis – Retail/Wholesale Business
A $7 million retail/wholesale business needed more timely and accurate financial reports. Mervin Winston, Ltd., helped the business identify where problems existed, turn around financial reports no later than 15 days after month end, review a business expansion plan, prepare tax and retirement planning, and develop action plans to improve the accounting and reporting system.